Pet Go, based in Barnard Castle is Rated 4.5/5 stars on trustpilot "Excellent"
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About Us, where healthy pets go
Have you ever been concerned about the products that you are providing for your pet,  have you ever wondered about the effect them products have for the over all health & wellbeing??

In 2019, Aaron founded, Pet Go, by using these questions as the foundation of what we have become. We had no clue where to start, we had nowhere that we truly trusted. We sore massive companies, supermarkets and local pet stores all selling products that didn’t focus on the health of our pets, but mainly focused on the quality of “poop” from your pet and the attached price per bag. 

Our mission started by focusing on the ingredients, we found that even some of the highly recommended products are actually filled with ingredients that are very poor for your pets. We also found products that to put bluntly a health hazard for your pet.

We made it our goal to only provide products that have ingredients that are only focused on the health of your pets!
Every product that we sell has 5 pillars that we look at before selling it.
Ingredients - Our research on products are based on a number of criteria - bio-appropriateness, quality and bio-availability of nutrients, whether the food contains too much or too little of any individual ingredients or classes of ingredients, synergies between specific ingredients and the nutrients they contain and so on.
Processing method -Either extrusion, pasteurisation, baking, cold pressing etc and how it is likely to have affected the nutrients contained within the ingredients.
Safety - Making sure that all our products are safe for you and your pet to enjoy and play with, we make sure that they are robust for chewers and nibblers, we ask all of our customers to use products as safely as possible and purchase products that are most suitable to your pet, if you have any concerns please contact us.
Affect - We look at not only the ingredients and processing, but also the natural effect that the products have, for example our Air Dried Rabbit Ears with fur, are a natural dewormer. Really! Google it! Using these rather than medical options have multiple benefits.
Natural instinct - Again our Air Dried Rabbit Ears with fur, preserve the natural instinct to chew and to be an animal,